On lobster red-listing, upsides to a monarch and more.
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Good morning, readers. My name's Siobhán Brett, I took on the role of opinion editor at the start of July.

This morning's newsletter is – as always – a round-up of the best of our section last week. It's a collection that spans indignation about lobster "red-listing," memories of Queen Elizabeth II, Portland's referendum questions (buckle up, if you haven't already) as well as our editorials on chronic absenteeism in schools; the flying of migrants from Texas to Martha's Vineyard via Florida; and my colleague Colin Woodard's Sept. 15 story ("Prospects fade for federal bill to expand rights of Maine tribes").

The humble Farmer filleted his diary upon learning that the historic Victory Chimes is looking for a buyer, Jim Fossel mused on the downside of Democrats' lavish spending in Maine in 2020; and Victoria Hugo-Vidal, though "wary of the British monarchy in general," wondered about the potential for an U.S. head of state.

Our most-read Maine Voices submission last week came from Roger Bowen of Prospect Harbor, who ruffled feathers by entertaining the splitting up of America into several nations. Readers commenting online appeared to be broadly appalled by the suggestion, however oblique ("'the Republic of Maine' kind of resonates," Bowen writes).

"Our differences make us great," was the response of one reader. "I’m honestly at a loss for words as to why this was posted."

"It’s an opinion piece," another replied. "The author has an opinion that apparently differs from yours. Isn’t that great?"

Siobhán Brett is the opinion editor at the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. Email her, follow her on Twitter, send a letter to the editor or submit a Maine Voices column.

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